Megan Fox Dancing Down Rio Way; Puts a Little Life in Our Own Feet And Other Parts

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Megan Fox may not be what she used to be, thanks to new mommyhood and whatever the hell pact Brian Austin Green Self-Employed (B.A.G.S.) made with the devil to get Megan to marry him and father a child, but, from where Megan Fox started, there's still a good ways to decline and still look pretty damn amazing.

Foxy was down in Brazil promoting the shizz out of something, when she stopped for a little impromptu local fun time activity that eventually saw Megan up and about dancing to the Samba. Now, it's not quite Megan half-dressed in a bikini shaking fun parts to the Lambada, the forbidden dance of love, but we''ll take Foxy smiling and shaking booty anyway we can. Enjoy.

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