Meet the Nervously Growing List of Villains for 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'

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Remember when everyone in the world (other than me) loved the Spiderman movies from Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire? And then Spiderman 3 came out and everyone was like WTF, why is he dancing like the Mask at the Coco Bongo Club? And even more prominent in fan discord: Why are there so many goddam villains in this movie? Well I guess Sony, Marc Webb and co. have not learned their lesson, because as filming begins, yet another foe has been added to the cast list to go up against Peter Parker. Chris Cooper has been named as the man to portray Norman Osborn, who will eventually become Green Goblin. His son Harry, aka the Hobgoblin, was already cast with Chronicle's Dane DeHaan taking on James Franco's past role. And let's not forget that Paul Giamatti is the Rhino and Jamie Foxx is on board as Electro, who for a split second seemed like he might be the only villain in the flick.

For a franchise reboot and built on the idea of being different from the three movies that came before it, it's becoming more and more difficult to tell the two versions apart. Especially with the new costume that got a hold of, which you can see the full image of after the jump, which looks nearly identical to Maguire's. Why even bother rebooting if you're just treading the same water again?

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