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McKayla Maroney Can Barely Contain Herself at Cartoon Network Event

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Let's be gentle with Olympic gold medalist old medalist McKayla Maroney, as we can't properly put into words our feelings about the bosomy teen until, oh, December, when the gloves will be off and we can officially join the McKayla Maroney barely legal bandwagon, as this young lady is certainly 'racking' up some serious fans with her numerous Hollywood appearances of late, not to mention her own self-published Twitter bikini pictures.

At the Cartoon Network 'Hall of Games' event over the weekend, McKayla stood tall among her diminuitive Olympic gymnastics teammates, a true standout, chest proud, and barely contained in her proper frock, and making many of us wonder how long after December before McKayla starts to really let her inner wicked girl out. Not long we suspect. Enjoy.

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