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Leilani Dowding Covered Teasy Sextastic Birthday Suit Photos to Celebrate Her Birthday

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A happy (belated) birthday to Leilani Dowding, the Page 3 model who found tough love in Miami, and now has found a way to share her birthday celebration this past week with all of us, with some wicked hot and teasy photos of herself barely covered in her birthday suit, amid her own dream of being showered in large gifts.

We'll be seeing much more of Leilani very soon on Egotastic!, which makes me very happy. Like a kid at his own birthday party, only, I never had a former Miss Universe contestant showing up near nekkid at my birthdays when I was a kid, just Jerry, the guy  from the apartment across the street who dressed like a sweaty dinosaur, and who you can now find on certain web maps marked by a large blue dot.  Leilani is so much better. Enjoy.

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