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Last Barfighter Arcade Game Dispenses Booze to the Last Player Standing (VIDEO)

Nothing beats playing a couple of rounds of your favorite game at the arcade with a bottle of beer in one hand, and the joystick in the other. Nothing except the Last Barfighter, that is, which manages to combine these two things into one amazing contraption for the booze-loving gamer's ultimate enjoyment.

The Last Beerfighter aka Beercade is an arcade video game machine that lets two players have a go at each other virtually on the classic Street Fighter game. The best part is that the winner doesn't just get an extra-long victory sequence on-screen. There's a real-life prize, too, in the form of a cup of beer that's poured by the machine itself.

The Beercade was commissioned by Raleigh beer company Big Boss Brewery and was developed by the amazing folks of Durham-based ad agencyMcKinney. I wouldn't mind having one of these in my living room; I bet you wouldn't, too.

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