Kimberley Walsh Cleavage Show Deserves a Nod

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Kimberley Walsh is kind of the forgotten member of the horribly famous Girls Aloud pop group from a decade ago; and, by forgotten, I mean, I had forgotten about her until I saw her deep cleavage show in a concert performance over the weekend where the former girl group member reminded me of how I once ogled her fine form back in the day. Hey, sometimes it does take a little chestal views to jog the gray matter in your dome.

Now, Girls Aloud did produce Cheryl Cole, for whom we are thankful, and Sarah Harding, who we still routinely stalk with our peepers, so it's not as if it was good for nothing, I mean, beyond helping to finally force everybody to admit that girl and boy dancing move bands were all lip-synching their music in concert. And now the sight of Kimberley Walsh's cleavage, well, mammaries, err, memories. The band wasn't so bad after all. Enjoy.

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