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Kendall Jenner (and Little Sis) Teen Heat Up the Red Red Carpet at Heart Truth Fundraiser

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For the Heart Truth Foundation gala, the celebrities come out each year decked out in all red, including Kendall Jenner and her little sister Kylie Jenner, who puppetmaster and prime pimp Kris Jenner, made sure got listed into the bigger named celebrity event.

Not that Kendall doesn't deserve the nod. While formal schooling or education remains somewhere between dubious and doubtful for the star-rising teen model and taller, skinnier, hotter version of her cash-cow old half-sisters, Kendall has started to earn big time herself, as she and her Jenner sister start merching the craptastic out of everything on the planet with a price tag. It's something to behold. And something we predicted. But not something that can be stopped. It's the money train, people, and the brakes are off. Enjoy.

(To see what is becoming of older sister Kim Kardashian, check Kim out large and in charge with commentary courtesy of

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