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Katy Perry Boobs, Maria Menounos Sextastic Figure, and Rihanna Hotness Lead Highlights on the 2013 Grammy Award Red Carpet

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Let's cut right to the chase, err, cleavage.

While there were a number of sweet music industry and celebrity hotties strutting their fineries on the crimson walkway at the 2013 Grammy Awards tonight, once we saw Katy Cocktease flashes her boobs, it was really hard to concentrate on the other gals at the party, let alone remember our own names. I even stopped drinking a beer, mid-beer mind you, when I saw her sweater puppies barely covered in her evening gown.

Still, there was other noteworthy arrivals at the Grammy Awards, including Maria Menounos, who can't not look hot, Rihanna, who probably was put together finer than any other ladies tonight, Chrissy Teigen who we not so secretly lust, Taylor Swift, looking all grow'd up, Jennifer Lopezflashing serious MILF leg, Kat Dennings who brought her own racktastic display tonight, and several others. Check them all out. It's the kind of music we love, less sound, more sweet hot harmonies. Enjoy.

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