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Kate Upton Follows Up SI With Wicked Hot Accessorize Campaign

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What to do when named the SI Swimsuit Covergirl for the second year in a row? Rest on your laurels? Play with your full fluffy funbags all day in the bathtub? (Well, I'd definitely do the latter). Nope. Blonde bombshell Kate Upton follows up her antarctic bikini photoshoot with a man-view-worthy pictorial for, which as you can imagine, is not really a site meant for dudes, but anything Kate Upton really belongs in the eyesight of all people who walk this planet with something dangling betwixt their limbs.

Plus, since when did women get to steal Kate Upton from us? Fashion icon? Nay, bodacious bombshell. Leave us our Kate and go on with your wristbands and purses and scarves I say. Enjoy.

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