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Kate Hudson Bikini Pictures Reveal a Rocker Mom Who Has Still Got It Going On

We can never quite remember how many rock star husbands Kate Hudson has had, or how many babies she's made with the bulk of them, I think she started like 40 years ago with the bass guitarist from Slade, but, the point is, for one of the world's most infamous groupie girls, Kate Hudson still manages to look rather mom hot in her little red bikini down Miami way.

Yes, there's the annoying modern-day 'oh, no, the sun is the world's biggest serial killer' floppy hat covering up much of her face, but thankfully her solar-hating headdress doesn't obscure views of her body, boobtastic, and derriere, all of which earn her more than a passing grade in the MILF category.

Kudos to Kate Hudson for coming through rock and roll sex and drug experimentation years and still looking rather hot. Enjoy.

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