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Karolina Kurkova Drops a Serious Leg and Cleavage Show at 'The Face' Premiere Party

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From my understanding, The Face is the nineteenth hot new model competition reality show on the Oxygen Channel, which is where I go to watch television when I'm spotting. Granted, some of this trite TV content does bring us some hot new faces, or some veteran sweet models to look at, but woe be the man who actually turns the volume on for these programs. Might as well drive a 3/4-inch hex bolt from right ear to left. I've done that. It's not fun. And it leaves a mark.

But, back to the hotties, including super veteran of the sextastic, Karolina Kurvkova, who showed up at the premiere party dressed to kill, or at least inflict a little pain in the mid to lower mid section. Legs and boobs and sextastic, oh, my. It almost makes you want to watch the show. But, you know, don't. Enjoy.

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