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Just When You Thought It Was 'A Good Day to Die Hard' This Featurette Came out (VIDEO)

I...I just don't know. The young kid inside me keeps trying to get excited for the newest Die Hard movie. And that last trailer nearly did. But it just seems like filmmakers are forgetting who John McClane is. He's not Jason Bourne or James Bond. He's some balding NY street cop who bleeds, gets knocked down and struggles to stand back up but somehow manages to.

And I understand that the first two movies were of an era that doesn't really exist anymore with the quips and puns and one-liners, etc., but Die Hard with a Vengeance just nailed the tone so well. We got the humor, we got the realism and we got a villain who was as likable as he was a tyrant. I couldn't tell you the first thing about this villain. He's Russian? I guess. Wants to...I don't know, blow shit up? I'm still hoping this film will surprise me and be as good as I want it to be. Maybe the featurette above sway you differently. Good luck.

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