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Jennifer Nicole Lee's Butt -- Oh, the Places We Will Go

BBW turned MILFtastic fitness instructor Jennifer Nicole Lee doesn't just get a hot body she can purposely wardrobe malfunction in public to much oglers delight just by wishing upon a star. Oh, no, that hardcore mommy body and that world class asstastic are forged in sweat and Spandex (ooh, sweaty Spandex, I just had a personal moment).

So, back by the beach was Jennifer Nicole Lee, working out hard, letting everybody else know she's working out hard, and wearing gear that could not possibly hide even an ounce of fat. And, oh, that butt. How I'd like to take that booty on a tour of all seven continents, stopping in various foreign ports of call where man-hot booty love is not only condoned, it's heralded. I may not survive the trip, but it would be one hell of a Bucket List trip. Enjoy.

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