Jenna Dewan Lingerie Pictures Light Up Pre-MILFhood Hotness for Esquire

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At one time, Jenna Dewan (now married to Channing Tatum, but we don't use married last names in Hollywood until 3+ years of marriage, since that saves us 97% of official name changes on the site) had one of the finest bottom sides in all of Hottieville, and perhaps she will again some day, as the model and actress faces pending motherhood, going out with a sextastic bang prior to blowing up with a lingerie pictorial on the pages of this month's Esquire magazine.

Now, we can respect a woman who wants to show off her hotness before turning into a progeny machine, pretty much like we respect the sexy celebs who show off during and after pregnancy as well. We love our women in all stages of their female form. In fact, we just really like seeing hot girls nekkid, or near nekkid in little bits of lingerie. And Jenna Dewan, she's might fine. Enjoy.

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