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Irina Shayk Nearly Slips Nip for Mario Testino Event (Oh, So Close!)

I'm not sure Irina Shayk has ever looked hotter. And considering this is Irina Shayk, that's really saying something.

As she headed out to the famed photographer Mario Testino's gallery exhibition in West Hollywood, we presume Irina Shayk was looking in the mirror and thinking two things. First, damn, I do look so fucking hot and I own this world. Fair enough. And true. And, second, let me see how low I can get this dress and just barely not expose the nipples on my luscious fruity breasts. Okay, so I added the 'fruity' part to her last thought. But you know she was looking in the mirror thinking something along these lines.

Now, we could be angry about the missed opportunity to see full nip, or, just relish in the sextastic that is Irina Shayk. I choose to do both. Enjoy.

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