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Injustice Gods Among Us Fight Tourney Continues. You Can't Go Wrong with More Aquaman (VIDEO)

We tried to tell you last time that Aquaman is a real hero. Maybe the realest of superheroes. Chris Rock tried to tell you too but you're just not going to listen to any of us. Injustice Gods Among Us is fueling a pre-release hype-building "tournament" showing off full battle rounds between the game's different characters so you can get a good look at the environments, animations and fighting styles. The most recent set of brawls involves Aquaman, Green Lantern, Solomon Grundy and Cyborg. Not in that order but who cares?

And it's worth mentioning again: what kind of chowder head would pick a fight with Aquaman in an underwater lair? Not Cyborg, that's who! He's made the easy move to battle Aquaman on land in the clip above and you can see the results. Just doing the obvious stuff --like NOT fighting a fish-man in a place where fish live-- will really help you in life. All Wile E Coyote had to do was get that damn Roadrunner out of the deserts of New Mexico and it would've been a different ballgame. Would've saved a lot of overturned cereal bowls in my house on Saturday mornings too. Check out the Green Lantern-Solomon Grundy matchup below.

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