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How Burger King's President's Day Got Shot to Hell

Did you have a grand old time celebrating President's Day? However your day went, I'm pretty sure you had a far better one than the folks down at Burger King HQ, who were scrambling around all over the place trying to figure out what to do now that the franchise has been sold to McDonald's.

Yeah, you might've heard something along those lines, but I'm actually kidding, because it was all part of a huge prank.

By who, we don't know yet, although we're pretty sure McDonald's won't authorize such a daring move against one of their biggest competitors, cybercrime laws and all. Here's what happened: at 9AM PT, hacker group Anonymous did their thing and got into BK's Twitter account, where they changed the logo to that of McD's. They also sent out a press release announcing Burger King's newest product after the 'failed' Whopper: BK Bath Salts.

The fun went on for an hour or so, until Twitter decided to spoil everyone's fun by suspending the account. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Police are hot on the heel of the perpetrators, and have released a sketch of the suspect:

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