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Holy Scrotes: New York City's Subway is a Dick

It all makes sense now, how frequently you get jostled, shoved, pushed, and elbowed at the New York City subway. Heck, you might even have gotten spat at or kicked in the shins once or twice by some disgruntled a-holes who think that you stole their seats or something.

It's been long established that there are a lot of dicks in New York City's subway. But did you know that the subway itself--well, a map of it, anyway--is an actual dick of gargantuan proportions?

Berlin-based artist Veit Schuetz must've had wieners and sausages in mind when he was staring at a map of the subway at 4 in the morning. Because lo and behold, what should he see but a huge floppy dick flanked by a scrote off to one side. Excited in the weirdest way imaginable, Schuetz hurried home and finished his sketch of the New York Subway Penis Map in great detail.

Most surprising is the fact that it's a pretty accurate map, proving once and for all that the NYC subway is the subway for the biggest dicks in the world--figuratively and maybe literally.

If, for some reason, you want to put up a print of the dick that's the New York City subway, then prints are available for purchase at imagekind starting at $28.

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