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Hayden Panettiere Delivers Petite Girl Passion for Nylon Magazine

What is it about little Hayden Panettiere that drives so many of you admirers into fits of private-time passion? I get it, but I must admit, I don't get it as fervently as some of you always writing letters or penning poems or cutting off your years and such in hopes of seeing more, much more, of this little blonde minx.

Featured in the March edition of Nylon magazine, Hayden puts on a visual display intended primarily for the fairer sex, but a bit of optical wonderment that even the hirsute set can fully embrace and imagine being the guy who got to help Hayden change into her various wardrobe shoots.

Hayden Panettiere has something going on, indeed. And that something is driving many of you quite insane. Enjoy.

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