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God of War: Ascension Shows Off Fighting Spider Women in New Trailer (VIDEO)

Pay close attention to the early parts of this so-called "launch" trailer for God of War: Ascension because it's precisely how the game begins. Kratos chained up yet still going at it with a multi-armed nasty old woman is the first thing you'll play. We've all had dreams where we're all muscular and wake up chained down with a woman writhing around in front of us. I know I have. But this Kratos scene went and ruined that dream for me permanently because this chick is doing it all wrong. All the hissing, taunting and slicing with weapons is just too much. So this scene to kick off the game works on an emotional level because you're ready to slit this spider-lady's gullet and get on with an adventure. Plus she's one of the Furies --the game's main antagonists-- so you will be seeing plenty of her and others just like her later on.

Check out the trailer because the other story elements revealed in the trailer are cool too but that Fury really chaps my hide.

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