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Gears of War Judgment Lets Loose with Multiplayer Bonanza (VIDEO)

If you ignore the voice-over actor doing his best TMZ announcer impression, the info included in this fresh trailer for Gears of War: Judgment is good stuff for those of you thirsty for multiplayer details. For months, the promise of OverRun has dominated my expectations of the game's multiplayer component. In this clip however, the mode is broken down all the way to its tiny bits. Like certain characters will carry certain types of grenades and that's defining their specialization in what's supposed to be a class-based multiplayer mode. This is disturbing because I need more than grenade type to define my character in a class-based multiplayer mode. A health grenade alone doesn't make me a medic. A beacon grenade that let's me see through walls doesn't make me a scout class player. Not saying that's what Gears is going to be. I'm just saying that's what the video is suggesting via video and audio.

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