Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: Sexy Ladies, Body Paint and Other Debauchery

Gaming's Whacked-Out Week- February 22
Starting your weekend the ogletastic way once again.

Yes indeed, gentlemen, another weekend is impending. It is only fitting that we celebrate the two drunk-iest days of the non-week in the usual manner: with copious quantities of crazy, boobitude and crazy boobitude.

This week, amidst the much-vaunted PlayStation 4 furor, it was the lack of ladyfolk that garnered more attention than the wonderment of Watch Dogs and Destiny (for some). Behold, in the gallery, Sony’s bollocks in a vice for this very fact. Elsewhere, the gods of advertising proclaim that hot women in body paint is the greatest advertising chicanery conceivable. If there’s a better manner of hawking shit, it’s news to us.

There’s also the Oriental insanity of the department store mannequins that dance like pissed Frankenstein’s monsters, fueled solely by Microsoft’s kinect. You can’t refuse offers of this caliber, it’s a physical and medical impossibility. Get to gallery perusal!

Kotaku brings us the Sony women debate, the body paint Crysis 3 advertising and the creeptacular kinect mannequins.