Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: Nekkid Ladies, Jiggling Jubblies and Crazy Beer Games to Start Your Weekend Right

Gaming's Whacked-Out Week- February 15
Boobs, Bud and Bottlecaps, what more could you ask for?

Yes indeed, gentlemen. It’s not often that you get to make a headline of that caliber, so let’s revel in it awhile. Show us your reveling faces. …No, that one’s more constipated drug addict… that’s Jack Nicholson shoving his stubbly face through the ax-ravaged door in The Shining… Marginally less depraved, that’ll do.

This week’s gaming debauchery, raunchery and boobery constitutes: an unexpected eyeful of ladyparts for a hapless GameStop guy (with a big ol’ erection, presumably), the breastaholics at Team Ninja make their chesticles bounce like no boobs have bounced before, and an arcade game that dispenses ACTUAL REAL-LIFE BEER, THAT EXISTS IN THE ACTUAL REAL WORLD to the victor.

How could anyone with their gonads set to the ‘on’ position decline that offer? Commence gallery perusal!


Kotaku bring us wild stories from game shops, the boozy wonderment of The Last Barfighter and ‘enhanced boob control.’