Gaming’s Whacked-Out Week: Cleave-y Cosplay, Lady Lust and… Angry Rednecks

As it is Friday morning, you may imagine that another runaway freight train full of sexy and crazy is careening towards your eyes, ears and mansacks. Celebrate your observational prowess with a weekend of alcohol-infused frolics, gentlemen, as you are damn right.

This week, meet the woman from Taiwan whose steadfast dedication to the skimpiest cosplay outfits mortal man can fathom began a decade-long weight loss campaign. She would not compromise her D-cup boobitude in the process; it’s just the kind of triumph over paunchy adversity tale we (and our gonads) admire.

Also in the gallery, video game developers will teach you how to become proficient in two of the tasks most vital to all us manly menfolk in 2013: flirting, and shooting marauding undead bastards in their festering faces with a gun that shoots roosters with dynamite shoved up their asses.
Yes indeed.

Check out more of today’s cosplayer, Ajo, on Facebook, or more of this particular story at Kotaku and rocketnews.

You can see more of Flirt Planet (you shouldn’t, but you can) and Redneck Revenge here, also courtesy of the enterprising souls at Kotaku.