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Fridge Locker Keeps the Ham-Burglars and Freeloaders At Bay

Roommates are fun to have around the house or flat, just not around the fridge. It doesn't matter whether you assign each dude with a shelf of his own. Chances are, they'll want what you've got on yours and no sissy rules or 'assignments' will get their sticky hands out of your food.

The solution? Lock it down with the Fridge Locker.

It's a plastic food cage with a chrome metal combination lock on top so you can keep your favorite foodstuffs on lockdown. The walls snap together securely and lock into place, so there's no sense trying to grab something from the sides. It's extremely portable, so if you need to run and take your refrigerated grub with you, then you can easily do so.

It's a not-so-subtle way of letting the guys know that you mean it when you say that your food is yours. Of course, they're free to ask if they want something; it's just not okay if they take and deny it later on.

Get It: $19.95

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