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For the Greatest Game Ever Played: Pokemon, SNES, and Inflatable Beer Pong Tables

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Beer pong isn't a sport, but it might very well be one if you play it five times a week. The rules are simple, it's hella fun, and the best part is that you still win even when you're losing and vice versa. To play a round of two of beer pong, all you need is a ball, some cups, and a whole lot of beer.

Of course, you'll also need a table to set everything up. You can use any old table you can find in your yard, or you can go out there and build one that can rival the awesomeness of the beer pong tables that we've got in the gallery.

From SNES controller-inspired tables to beer can beer pong tables, the sky's the limit.

My personal favorite happens to be the asterisk beer pong table, which I'd also like to call the Ultimate Beer Pong Table since you can have eight teams playing against each other, all at once. If that's now awesome, I don't know what is.

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