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Even Guys Can Enjoy A Romantic Comedy Every Now and Then

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Everybody loves a good romantic comedy. Most likely because it's fun to laugh at the struggles of someone else's relationship. When it happens to us, it's not funny at all, but when it happens to other people, it's friggin' hilarious. Unfortunately, the majority of romantic comedies are catered towards women, since most men hate feelings and emotion. Probably because those get in the way of achieving greatness. Amiright?!

Anyway, for the sake of this article, we're using the term "Romantic Comedy" a little loosely. The majority of these films are actually classified as a Rom-Com, but there are a few movies in here that we believe should be thrown into that category, as well. Because you're not the boss of us, IMDb!

Here are 12 Romantic Comedies for Men:

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