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Elizabeth Banks Riding a Bike in a Short Tight Dress Cracks My Top 10 New Fantasies

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If there's one thing I lust, it's veteran hot celebrity women who just seem to grow more desirable as time passes. Oh, super underrated MILFs like Elizabeth Banks, who when you throw in a short tight dress and a bicycle ride, transforms from a mere object d' lust, into a true detailed fantasy mom.

Granted, Elizabeth is decked out so on the set of her new film, Walk of Shame, but, then, that title only adds to the imagination machine in the brain which is cranking out all sorts of thoughts of Ms. Banks riding toward us on her two-wheeler for a little 'teach the staring young men on the block a lesson' type activities. Oh, the shame we would generate. Lots and lots of shame, covered in remorse, with a heaping of regret ladled over top like gravy over mashed potatoes. Elizabeth could probably never show her face again. We would tell everybody. And probably write a book about it, with pictures. Oh, man, this is getting out of hand. Enjoy.

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