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Egotastic! Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Because Your Girl Deserves It, One Way Or the Other

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The most dreaded day of the year for both single and non-single males is getting closer: February the fourteenth. For the single dudes, it means spending the whole day alone and part of the night with their left hands. For the dudes who are in a relationship, it means having to buy overpriced flowers and taking their girl to an overpriced restaurant in an attempt to meet unrealistic expectations that are set way too high.

Well, screw that!

Change how you do things this year and give your girl what she deserves, one way or the other, by checking out our Egotastic! Valentine's Day Gift Guide for a list of sometimes kooky, sometimes sensible, and usually sexy stuff that you can get your girl this year.

You'll reap the awards at the end of the night when you do good during the day. So if you don't want to end up like the single dudes, then I suggest you keep her happy.

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