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Delusional Simon Pegg Assures Us JJ Abrams Will Return to 'Star Trek' After 'Star Wars' (VIDEO)

While out at the BAFTAs over the weekend, Absolute Radio got a hold of Simon Pegg on the red carpet and posed him a few questions about his new film At World's End, the third film in his Cornetto Trilogy with Nick Frost, but most of the questions asked surrounded this spring's Star Trek Into Darkness. Pegg remained pretty tight-lipped on the details but had one definite thing to say and that was that JJ Abrams was assuredly returning to direct a third Star Trek after his directorial duties on Star Wars: Episode VII.

'He will do Star Trek 3,' the man who plays a much-thinner version of Scotty told reporters. 'JJ's the perfect choice for (Star Wars) I just hope he doesn't forget us Trekkies in the corner.' While Episode VII isn't slated to come out until 2015, considering how long it took to get Star Trek 2 up and about following the first film, there will still probably be plenty of time for Abrams to return to lens the third film sometime around 2020.

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