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Courtney Stodden Bikini Pictures For Changing Body Shapes and Candid Direction

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Our mixed feelings continue on the barely legal reality show seeking young bride, Courtney Stodden, whose teen-puppies seem to be growing from picture to picture, staged candid to staged candid, with either the help of the traditional Hollywood chest expansion technology, or some more old school socks and tape and rubber glue. Hard to tell really, though we assume the latter.

As our friends at TheSuperficial point out, Courtney's latest bikini set is a little on the performance enhanced peeping side of the paparazzi register, but we have to admit, we still get a little thrill out of tracking her bikini and body show as it winds its way to some type of inevitable conclusion. Plus, it is rare to get photos of Courtney without her grandfather-husband in the photos, so whether planned or not, we'll take a gander at Courtney's bikini pander. We just can't help ourselves. Enjoy.

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