Cleavetastic Cosplay: Is Alodia Gosiengfiao the Finest Filipino Filly You’ll Ever See?

Alodia Gosiengfiao, the Cosplay Queen
The Land of the Rising Wang strikes again... screw you, geography!

As you know, your friends at Egotastic! have been embarking on a quest to bring more of the lustable ladies of the Orient onto your ‘new favorite strumpet’ radars (a device which is, naturellement, installed into all our gonads at birth). Many such women are to be found occupying the cosplay circuit, festooned with fairy wings, pixie ears, shorter-than-short-shorts short shorts or a combination thereof.

It was at some nerdtacular convention or other, amid a cloying tide of hyperventilating, obese man-children carrying a lunchbox packed by their mothers (containing a note which reads Don’t worry, I think you’re cool. Love, mom), that Alodia Gosiengfiao first found fame in 2003. A lifelong aficionado of video games, anime, manga, action figures (a whole smorgasbord of geekery), it’s the kind of resume that would have all the erotic allure of bringing the severed ballsack of your recently deceased rottweiler, Noel, to the restaurant for your anniversary dinner. Fortunately, Alodia measures HOLY SHIT on the muy caliente scale, which allows her to transcend the shortcomings of her nerdy nature.

Her renown/hotness is so formidable that the Filipino edition of man-azine FHM rated her eighty-seventh in their hundred sexiest women poll, rising to seventy-sixth place the previous year. Take a look at her credentials (yes, ‘credentials’ is a euphemism for fleshtastic) in the gallery above, and see if a certain portion of your anatomy manages to rise in a similar fashion.

Two puns of an ogling nature in the same sentence? Yes indeed, gentlemen. We don’t ‘eff around.

Visit Alodia’s official site or Facebook for more. Sister Ashley Gosiengfiao’s photography is the source of some of the gallery’s wonderment.