Claudia Romani Bikini Bottoms and Fishnet Stockings Suddenly Makes Soccer Interesting to American Viewers

I'm not exactly sure why our belusted brunette bella from The Boot, Claudia Romani, was in Miami playing soccer in nothing but a jersey, bikini bottoms, and fishnet stockings, and I don't really care why. I just want it to never ever end.

While many Americans refuse to give the sport of soccer a chance because of its low scoring outcomes, I think the fantasy of scoring with Claudia Romani, let alone an entire team of wicked hot girls in fishnet stockings and bikini bottoms juggling the roundball with their feet, well, it might just open the doors finally for U.S. acceptance of the world's most popular sport. (Well, that and instating a half-court rule. Nobody likes a sport where teams intentionally pass the ball backward, just saying, rest of the world, consider it.) Enjoy.

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