Camille Piazza Lingerie Pictures for a Hot Bodied Sultry All Over Introduction

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Sextastic, alluring, supremely hot, Australian model Camille Piazza, about time you showed your face, err, body around these parts.

Talk about more thunder from Down Under, Camille drops a whole heaping double handful of pure lust inducement in her Aubade lingerie and swimwear collection pictorial, making at least this man stand up and admit, 'Maybe I shouldn't have stood up so quickly in a public place after checking out hot pictures of Camille'.

We know a thing or two about simply amazing bodies. You yourself likely have a Masters degree in examining the female form. So you can judge as well. But if the verdict isn't 'Guilty of Inflaming Men's Passions' then I have to question your jurisprudence. Enjoy.

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