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Calista Flockhart Bikini Pictures From Rio Bring the Skinny Chick Back Into Focus

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Well, if nothing else, skin revealing pictures of former Ally McBeal star Calista Flockhart are very few and very far between in the past decade, as the actress has primarily dropped out of show business, better known these days as a mom and wife of soon to be Star Wars starring once more, Harrison Ford. So, spotting Calista on the beach in her bikini top down Rio way on vacation, well, we just had to stare.

The TV star known rather infamously for her overly skinny body, well, hasn't changed so much in the years since we've last seen her semi-revealing, a rather slender frame you might say in need of a sandwich or three. Still, we never look a gift bikini horse in the mouth. And, for the record, how would you know if a celebrity had a tiny top unless you kept up your investigation. It's a job somebody's got to do, and we'll always be there for you Enjoy.

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