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'Buckwild' Star Arrested On Oxycodone and Heroin Possession Charges. Your Move, Snooki

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Remember that time we correctly prophesized that Buckwild was the beginning of the end of western civilization? Like a modern-day Nostradamus we talked how to get those fleeting 15-minutes of fame, these reality 'stars' would stop at nothing to ensure their bad behavior was talked about in first period homerooms everywhere. Well, as TMZ is reporting, yesterday morning, Buckwild 'actress' Salwa Amin was arrested for drug possession. I guess the 'hillbilly heroin' of oxycodone wasn't enough for the West Virginia resident, so she stepped it up a notch and made sure to be caught with heroin on her as well.

I imagine MTV execs are giddy as hell right now, plotting a whole series of specials covering the booking, arraignment and trial. The show, featured around the crazy behavior and antics of a group of young adults in West Virginia, was already picked up for a second season, ensuring that there will be a entire whole additional year for some of the other 'characters' on the show to up the ante and do something like, I don't know, become a prostitute or hit&run a hobo.

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