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Bioshock Infinite Continues to Creep and Tittilate with Doc Series (VIDEO)

Okay, this retro "documentary" series on the mysteries surrounding the floating city of Columbia featured in Bioshock Infinite is really starting to creep me out...but in a good way. I didn't even know that was possible. I remember watching investigative reports and documentaries made in the 1970s and, regardless of subject matter, they were all creepy. The use of film, sketchy production values and truly bizarre music could make a 1977 documentary about cupcakes seem like a visualization of a serial killer's diary. Just bad stuff.

Now that Bioshock Infinite's pre-release online series is using those same production techniques but focusing the story on the trappings of a highly anticipated video game world, I'm getting creeped out about Bioshock Infinite in a way that seems healthy and intriguing. This game is going to be as rich with story as anything we've seen in the last few years including previous installments of Bioshock. Keep creeping me out with the Songbird and we'll be all good.

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