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Bella Thorne Now Doing Public Workouts; Disney Machine In Hyperdrive Promotional Mode

Somebody at Disney sure is panicking about who will be their next big teen star. Or what they would call 'seizing opportunity' with young Bella Thorne as the Mouse House machine is determined to turn this still mid-teen girl into a major league all-grow'd up starlet. Including sending her out for jogs in tight outfits with paparazzi in trail, to capture her perfectly done hair and her make-up. (You know, many girls do sit in the make-up chair for hours before their morning jogs.)

We're never quite sure what to do with Bella Thorne. Pretend she's still an innocent youth, or buy into the PG-13 minded (G-pretending) Disney machine and treat her like a young Hollywood ingenue.  Ponder.

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