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Barbara Palvin Hotness Shines Through Even the Most Artsy Chick Magazine Coverings

I'll really never understand two things about women: first, why they need 25 minutes to drop a deuce in the restroom, and, second, why they love to see other women wearing masks and veils and elaborate Victorian era costumes, rather than just, say, nekkid, or perhaps some panties and a bra. I guess the latter has something to do with the same reason women like foreplay. Okay, now that's three things I'll never understand.

However, when it comes to a woman as hot as young Victoria's Secret phenom, Barbara Palvin, we can finally come together as a gender and declare that even dolled up in silly costumery, Barbara Palvin is so effin' hot she can deliver tingly feelings to both men and women in spreads like her current Elle U.K. cover pictorial. Veils and goofy wardrobe (which I'm sure costs more than half of year's rent for me) can not block the power of the Palvin sextastic.

Though once tainted by rumors of a fling with The Devil's Midget, Barbara Palvin has put that little fay boy love in her past and her future looks very hot indeed. Enjoy.

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