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After this Teaser You Have No Choice But to Submit to ‘Star Trek into Darkness’ (VIDEO)

I mean, what can I possibly say to elevate how badass this short Super Bowl Star Trek into Darkness spot is? You've got Spock swimming in lava. London under attack. The Enterprise belly-flopping into the San Francisco Bay. Oh, and if there's ever been a more heavy-handed hint that B.Batch is actually playing Khan then the 'better at everything' line, aka genetically engineered superhuman, probably takes the cake.

Fans of TOS or Wrath of Khan will remember that Khan was part of a eugenics project that made him and his followers super human, leading to their attempted take over of Earth in the 1990s. Is that what the plot of the film will actually focus on? A prequel to 'Space Seed' when Kirk makes the mistake of defrosting Khan from the 200-year-old cryogenics nap he was taking after he fled Earth as a war criminal? We have only a few months before we find out for sure.

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