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WTF: This Bacon Dragon Can Be Yours for $1,000

I think it's safe to say that everybody loves bacon. It's also a general truth to say that everybody loves dragons (well, every dragon except Smaug, that is, because he's just downright mean.) Unfortunately, the same can't be said for bacon dragons because, while they are very cool indeed, the exploitative people who happen to come across them just make them not-so-very lovable in the end.

We're talking about this dude on eBay who found a one-of-a-kind 'naturally-shaped' bacon dragon last November--and now he's selling the darned piece of pork on the auction site for a thousand bucks! According to aboadon, this 'legendary bacon collectible' would be perfect for any person's dragon or bacon collection.

While we admit that piece of bacon does look a lot like a dragon, $1,000 is just a crazy amount to ask for it. In fact, I'd rather spend that money buying packs after packs of bacon from my local grocery store in the hopes of finding a bacon dragon myself. That way, I get to keep my dragon (if I ever find one) and eat it, too.

Check It Out: $1,000

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