Wendy Fiore Boobtastic Mamtastic Down By the Lake (By Popular Demand!)

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We do listen to you all in your various crayon written insisting letters that we are missing some mighty fine, might famous hot female sensations out there, including and not by any means the least, in fact, the most up top at least, glamour model Wendy Fiore, who many of you know simply as 'Yes, Mother, May I See Another'. So when EgoReader 'Devlin' actually contributes what he believes to be the finest ever smoking hot pictures of Wendy, it seems mighty fine mammarial time to make sure the rest of you suckle in her goodness.

Now, we know hot, and we know massive funbags, but the intersection of the two? Oh, man, that is a corner where you really want to experience the curves of Wendy Fiore. Enjoy.

(For a full accounting of Wendy Fiore assets, check out

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