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Victor Dukes' Dunk From Another Angle Looks Like a Special Effect

Yesterday I posted a video of Arkansas high school basketball playerVictor Dukes seemingly flying over an opponent for a dunk. The video was all over the place by the end of the day, and now another angle has been released. The game was broadcast on TV in Arkansas and the angle from the TV cameras make it look like Dukes was connected to a wire or something.

When I first watched the video, I assumed that Dukes' foot hit a defender and he got some more lift from that. But this angle proves that isn't the case. So how does the 6'3" sophomore keep rising up like that? It's just insanity to see him keep going up and up like that. Maybe his knee going off that kid's chest gave him some more lift, it's hard to say. Also, that was a good no call by the ref. If anything, it should have been a defensive foul since the defender was moving, but why add insult to injury?

h/t The Big Lead

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