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Veronica Pliego Drop Dead Sextastic in Lingerie Pictures for the TV Hostess Win

If you're not watching Spanish television, again I must tell you, you're missing about a thousand ridiculously hot women per day (x 365, that must be hundreds of thousands of women you're missing per year, so fix that right away), including the muy deliciosa Veronica Pilego, hostess on TV Azteca, and one smoking hot Latina featured in little skimpy bits in H Para Hombres. And, man oh man, how we'd like  to see her on our TV screens, literally, like standing atop our TV sets in her little bra and panties.

The start of the year is a great time to remind ourselves of the hotness that exists in every nation on this planet, every corner of this globe, and every nook and cranny where females dare to bare. We intended to bring it all to you in Lucky '13. Enjoy.

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