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This Might Be the Only Time You'll Ever See a Half Court Shot Like This

Most people who have played basketball or even just shot around at a park have taken some heaves from half-court. Sometimes they go in, most times they hit nothing or comically ricochet away. But at Friday night's Atlanta Hawks game, a season ticket holder plucked from the crowd to try a half-court shot for a thousand bucks did something I don't think I've ever seen before.

How in the name of physics this guy gets the ball to do that? It's like velcro. I mean, I've seen shots get stuck between the backboard and the rim before, but I'm pretty certain that I've never seen a basketball do that on a rim, especially from that distance. But the kooky guy with the mic gives the ball some help and (SPOILER!) the guy got to collect a cool grand...if the arena announcer was right, that is.

h/t SportsGrid

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