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'The Office: An Unexpected Journey' is a Horribly Funny Mashup of Sorts (VIDEO)

What does The Hobbit have in common with The Office? Not much, really, aside from the fact that Martin Freeman appears in both. He plays none other than Bilbo Baggins in the former, while he takes on the role of Tim Canterbry in the latter. He's a darned good actor, too, and you'd better prepare to see more of him since Peter Jackson decided to turn The Hobbit into a trilogy.

Apparently, the Martin Freeman connection is enough to spawn a parody mash-up of sorts between these two very different franchises. To be honest, it looks pretty horrible and Gollum looks so freakishly creepy, but I think that's the part that makes the whole video somewhat fun and worth watching. At least, if you're looking to waste some time anyway. Enjoy!

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