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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: The Comedy Films of 2012

2012 was a record-breaking year in film with the conclusion of The Dark Knight trilogy, the introduction to The Hunger Games, and films like The Avengers and Skyfall raking in the dough. But a lot of attention was on the comedy scene this year, thanks to a strong 2011, which saw Bridesmaids break all boundaries and become a massive hit. And for the most part, 2012 delivered.

Unfortunately, there were also some surprising letdowns and a few epic failures from comedy films this year. But, hey, not everyone can be Seth MacFarlane, right? And I'm sure the Farrelly brothers meant well with The Three Stooges, even though that was a terrible idea to begin with and completely over-promoted, making us all hate the film before it even hit theaters. Okay, yeah, that's totally on them. They definitely messed that one up.

But we're not here to point fingers. We're here to give you the Hits and Misses of Comedy Films in 2012:

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