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The Easiest Way to Develop a Cult Following is to Be a Movie or Show About a Cult

Whether it's the inherit secrecy or perhaps the perceived backlash, Hollywood has, for the most part, stayed away from movies involving cults. There are numerous films with a cult-like following, but very few with cults as an intricate part of the story. That seems to have changed though, with several recent movies and two new shows tackling this topic.

The CW is airing a new series appropriately, and somewhat unoriginally, titled "Cult," while FOX is countering with Kevin Bacon as the star of their new drama "The Following." Both, not surprisingly, revolve around murders, because that's apparently the only thing cult members do. Well, that and drink punch and wear hoods. Which is quite a comfortable way to live, aside from all the mass suicides and whatnot.

So now it's time to take a look at those shows and the Films With Cult-Like Storylines:

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