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The 'Dark Skies' Trailer is Scarier than Felicity's Short Haircut (VIDEO)

I'm not sure how this one snuck by on me because I love a good horror movie trailer. Even more than I love horror movies, because I think we can all agree that the art of making an uber-creepy, super terrifying horror trailer has surpassed the ability to make an entire movie likewise. But I always hold out for hope that a film will be just as scary as its trailer (thank you Insidious, Mama) and I don't know, there's just something about being marked by a terrifying presence for reasons you have no control over that is inherently creepy.

So as Schillinger from Oz tells us, apparently Keri Russell and her family have been marked by an alien presence and sooner or later will be taken by them as they begin to lose control over themselves while their house and bodies are pervaded by something between a poltergeist and little green men. Hopefully this errs on the side of Sinister and not on the side of The Forgotten. Remember that one Julianne Moore? Blech.

Dark Skies opens February 22nd.

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