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That's Already Been Done Before: LG Unveils 'New' Feature Called Panorama Note

LG's trying to make their own mark in the mobile phone industry, but it looks like they're still behind on the race so far. And after their newest reveal at CES 2013, that part is pretty much understandable. I don't know about you, but if I'm struggling to make a name for myself in the competitive world of mobile, then I'd want to come up with something different or, if it already exists, then I'd at least want it to be named differently.

LG seemingly fails on both counts with their 'new' Panorama Note for their Optimus Vu II. It's not a separate device per se like Samsung's Galaxy Note, but it's a feature for the phone-slash-tablet that will let users draw, write, and doodle on their phones to make it more like the latter. The differentiating factor of Panorama Note is that it provides the user with a wide 3:1 ratio canvas to scribble their masterpieces on. Aaand.. that's it.

Some sources indicate that they're saving some of their bigger news for the Mobile World Congress that's happening in Barcelona this February, so it's too early to count LG out of the race yet. Let's hope they come up with something good.

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